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Frequent questions and answers

Do I need to register to open a deposit?
No. Our site does not need registration. Just select the type of investment, investment plan, enter your e-mail, a wallet to withdraw funds, deposit amount and pay a deposit.
How can I order a withdrawal of funds?
All withdrawals of funds occur automatically. It is not need to create an request for the withdrawal of funds.
On what days are accruals and withdrawals of funds?
In the basic mode of accruals and withdrawals of funds from Monday to Friday. For PRO members accruals and withdrawals of funds - every day.
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
There is no minimum for withdrawing! Nevertheless, some cryptocurrency exchanges or wallets for cryptocurrency may have restrictions on the minimum amount of creditworthiness, otherwise the funds will not be credited to your balance.
Do I need to enter Memo/Tag/Payment ID?
This is an optional field. Nevertheless, some cryptocurrency exchanges or wallets for cryptocurrencies may require memorandum/payment identifier/payment, otherwise the funds will not be credited to your balance.
Will I get the principal at the end of the term?
Principal included in accruals.
Why is it not necessary to indicate the wallet for PerfectMoney?
Withdrawals for PerfectMoney can be made in the same wallet from which a deposit was paid. The wallet will be received from the payment system automatically when paying for a deposit.
Can I make 2 or more deposits to the same or different plans?
Yes, you can make 2 or more deposit to same or different plans at one time.
What is the min and max amount of investments?
The min and max amount of investments is determined in the specific investment plan description.

How to use our website?

Making a deposit

1. Choose investments type

Select the type of investment you want. We offer our investors three types of investment programs - mining, trade and ICO. Mining is a type of investment that allows you to make a profit stably and confidently, but the profit will be significantly lower than that of trading or ICOs. Trading is an ideal combination of speed, risks and profitability. ICO is a very risky type of investment that allows you to win the jackpot here and now or a little wait and get a significant profit compared to trading or mining. Regardless of the type of investment, all deposits of our investors are insured and we guarantee a return up to 100% of the deposit amount! Choose investments type

2. Choose payment system

Choose the type of payment system in which you wish to make a deposit and receive payouts. We offer a time-tested PerfectMoney payment system for investments in dollars, as well as cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, XRP, Ethereum Classic, QTUM, Lumens, Tether (TRC-20), Dogecoin, Tron. We do not convert cryptocurrency deposits into dollars. Accruals and payments on cryptocurrency deposits are made in the currency of the cryptocurrency itself.

3. Choose investment plan

Take a look at the investment plans available for each type of investment and choose the one that interests you the most. You can make an unlimited number of deposits to each plan, and you can also make repeated deposits to the same plan at the same time. Choose investment plan

4. Enter amount of deposit

Specify the desired deposit amount by entering it in the field or using the slider. When specifying the deposit amount, you can immediately see the amount of each payout, as well as the total amount of all accruals on the deposit. The body of the deposit is included in the accruals and is not returned at the end of the term! Enter amount of deposit

5. Check your upline

If you see "You don't have upline", this means, you have followed direct link instead of the referral one of your upline. Make sure, that this field contains your upline`s e-mail, so that your upline would be able to receive a refferal commission. Check your upline

6. Enter your email address, wallet/cryptoaddress and tag/memo/payment ID (optional) if you choosed crypto

The next step you need to specify your email address. If you have selected the PerfectMoney payment system, then you can skip the step of indicating your address of the wallet for payments and it will be received automatically or you can specify the wallet number yourself if you want to get payments for another wallet number that is different from the number of the payment from which the payment will be made. Enter your email address, wallet/cryptoaddress and tag/memo/payment ID (optional) if you choosed crypto

If you have chosen a cryptocurrency as a payment of a deposit, then you must specify a cryptoaddress for receiving payments. For some cryptocurrencies, an introduction of a tag/memo/payment ID may also be required, without which the payment will not be credited on the balance of your wallet and the funds will be lost. Also, check that the minimum payment amount that can be credited to your wallet is less and equal to the sum of each transaction of the payment of funds by deposit. Enter your email address, wallet/cryptoaddress and tag/memo/payment ID (optional) if you choosed crypto

You still don`t have a wallet? You can create wallets of the favorable payment system using the following links PerfectMoney, Guarda Crypto Wallet, Blockchain Crypto Wallet or Binance Crypto Exchange. To top up wallet you can use the exchanges that can be found by the link or cryptoexchanges like

7. Check and pay deposit

After you have filled out the investment form - you need to click the "Pay deposit" button. Check and pay deposit

If you have chosen the PerfectMoney payment system, then you will be redirected to the website of the payment system for pay the deposit. If you have chosen cryptocurrency, then page with information about the deposit will be displayed with for you, as well as the instructions for paying for a deposit in cryptocurrency. Check and pay deposit

In the instructions for paying for a deposit in cryptocurrency, you will be shown the address of the wallet to which it is necessary to transfer funds, as well as the necessary amount of transfer. For convenience, you can use QR code. Check and pay deposit

After you make a payment in cryptocurrency, you will need to click the "Confirm payment" button. Check and pay deposit

After confirming the payment, you will be shown that your application is accepted and your deposit will be activated as soon as your funds are received on our wallet and receive from 1 to 20 confirmations on the network (depending on cryptocurrency). Check and pay deposit

In the case of the PerfectMoney payment system, your deposit will be activated immediately after payment. Check and pay deposit

8. Schedule of accruals and withdrawals

In our system you don't need withdrawal request. Withdrawals are fully automatic and you don`t need to make a request for this. Accruals and withdrawals are made automatically from Monday to Friday at different time. For PRO members accruals and withdrawals of funds - every day.

Affiliate earnings

1. Registration in the affiliate program

For registration in the affiliate program, you need to indicate: the name of the user that will be used in your referral link; your active email address; Indicate your password twice; Select the payment system for receiving funds and indicate the number/address of the wallet and the tag/memo/payment ID (optional). You can change your wallet for referral payments only through support and only in the same payment system. If you want to change the payment system, you will need to create a new partner account. Regardless of the payment system in which the user invited by you will make - you will receive payment in the payment system that you have chosen at the rate during the activation of the deposit. Promotional materials

2. Authorization in the affiliate program

For authorization, you will need to indicate the email address and the password indicated by the registration step or received after the account is restored. Registration in the affiliates program

3. Restore password

To restore the password, you will need to indicate your username and email address, after which you will receive a link to restore the password to your email address. Follow the link in the letter to get a new password from your account by your email. Authorization in the affiliates program

4. Promotional materials

In order to advertise our project we have created banners for you in 5 most popular formats: 1200x150px, 728x90px, 468x60px, 160x600px, 125x125px Promotional materials

5. Affiliates cabinet

In the partnership office, in addition to the exile for inviting investors and statistics on active deposits of users you invited, you will find a link for obtaining a list of API deposits, as well as relevant bets on the partnership program for various types of investments and investment plans. Promotional materials